Technique and Technology

YES AUDIO‘s purpose built studio is specifically geared for high quality voice recording and production. Our state of the art software, combined with 30+ years experience guarantees recordings of superior clarity in all applications.

The studio is equipped with a Sennheiser MKH-416 microphone, Nuendo 11.0.41 DAW, plus a comprehensive array of plug-ins including iZotope RX7 Advanced.

We also have a custom built interface to connect your mobile phone seamlessly into our studio providing remarkable two-way clarity. This means you can direct the recording session from wherever you are in the country or overseas without having to book a flight or even find a parking spot.

Jeff Watkinson

“I have been recording national radio and television commercials for over three decades, and am as inspired as ever to create beautifully executed, engaging, quality sound productions.”

There is more to getting the perfect take than just having a brilliant microphone and recording software. Jeff is recognised for his talent in directing voice artists constructively and with sensitivity resulting in performances that often exceed expectations.

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