Experience, Not Work Experience

For over 30 years we have been providing high quality affordable production services specialising in;

Voice Recording

Using the industry standard Sennheiser MKH-416 microphone in our accoustically treated booth guarantees voice recordings of outstanding clarity and presence.

Radio Commercials

Making your commercial stand out on radio requires experience with equalisation and compression to ensure it sounds ‘on-air’ as it did in the studio.

TVC Soundtracks

Ensuring your mix is OP-59 compliant can be the difference between having a beautiful commercial on TV and no commercial on TV.


Every sound application requires a particular approach to make it work for the environment it is heard. This could be an auditorium, a hardware store or an iPhone.

Talent Casting

Having the perfect voice to suit your message is paramount to the success of any campaign. We have years of experience in casting voices for sound productions of all types.

Talent Direction

Even the most experienced voice actor needs a ‘heads up’ on the intent of the script. Being able to constructively direct the talent in a creative way is our passion.

Music Selection

Utilising the latest production music library covering all genres from some of the biggest names in music today we guarantee impressive soundtracks for all your needs.

Our sessions are recorded and mastered at 96k/24bit.

All TV audio is OP-59 compliant.

Call us or hear for yourself.