Every Voice is Unique

Tired of hearing the same stock standard scripts in every voice-over demo?

Each demo we produce is completely original because every voice artist has their own unique qualities.

We treat every track as a finished commercial with all the production values as though it will go to air. In the recording session that can mean recording many takes and constructing the perfect track for the final commercial within the demo.

We believe that just because it is a voice demo doesn’t mean we give it to the junior engineer. This is an opportunity to give the voice artist the exact same attention they would be given in a paid recording session.

What you hear in a voice-over demo from YES AUDIO is what you can at least expect to hear in your productions.

Artist Comments

Working with Jeff was the smoothest introduction to voice work that I could have hoped for. We talked for weeks about what my demo reel could sound like and his understanding of my inexperience relieved all the pressure I had about it. Jeff directed me and gave me feedback that helped shape not only a commercial demo reel, but a character demo reel that I’m very proud of.”

Mitch Coulson-Moore

Voice Artist

Jeff went above and beyond to help me create my first voice demo. He offered thoughtful, practical and expert advice. Working from his incredible home studio, Jeff creates a fun and relaxed environment. When Jeff played my demo I couldn’t believe it was my voice.”

Claudia Tory

Actor, Voice Artist

I thoroughly enjoyed the recording experience with Jeff. It all begins with the initial phone conversation where Jeff gets to know you and your intentions. In production, he offers extremely useful and thoughtful direction in the comforts of his home studio. I am grateful to work with a producer who thinks outside the box and can create a demo that stands out among the norm.”

Liam James

Actor, Voice Artist

It’s all about the detail in this industry and Jeff ensures he captures it all when working with you. His ability to direct you and positively construct you is a true testament to his knowledge, experience and expertise in his field. What I loved about working with Jeff, is that he is not afraid to have a bit of a laugh in the studio and that always makes it a pleasure to be behind the microphone.”

Celeste Mitsiou

Actor, Voice Artist

Jeff has been an absolute pleasure to work with. As someone with little studio experience I needed as much help as I could get. From initial discussions about my demo to the final mix he has been efficient, knowledgeable and super friendly. I’m really happy with how my demo turned out and will certainly use Jeff again for future recording work that comes my way.”

Zack Anthony Curran

Actor, Voice Artist

The moment I walked into Jeff’s studio, I felt welcomed, relaxed and comfortable – it was like meeting an old friend. At the same time, his approach is highly professional. The recording session was smooth and heaps of fun as I felt totally free to express my voice while being expertly guided by his direction. I have worked with many audio producers over the  years and Jeff is definitely one of the best.”

Elizabeth Slattery

Voice Artist

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