What’s That on the Road,
A Head?

Having been a commercial sound engineer since the 80’s, a lot has changed in the way voice-over recordings are produced today. Gone are the days of spending weeks in the studio working on one 30 second radio spot. Gone too is the budget to cast a studio full of voice artists purely for atmosphere.

Today, we are efficient in every way – even to the point of being abbreviated, IYGMD*.

The digital world has transformed every aspect of professional audio recording. Relatively inexpensive software has replaced exorbitantly priced recording consoles.

DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) enable us to edit and manipulate audio in ways previously unimaginable, and can guarantee consistency of quality across the entire audio industry world-wide. They also, however, have the downside of enabling anyone to be a sound engineer, with little understanding of how to interpret a script, cast it with the right voice, or have the experience to constructively direct the voice talent or how to shape the sound to create a finished product that can bring the production to life.

Technology now enables us to acquire voice recordings direct from the talent’s wardrobe – often within minutes of emailing the script. While this appears to save studio time and money, the read can sometimes miss the point of the commercial, or have the wrong feel or energy from having not being directed by a second set of ears – those of the producer.

One thing that hasn’t changed, is that advertising is created by people, voiced by people and produced by people to motivate people to buy something made by people (or at least for people)! How effective this is, depends on how people perceive the message.

So what is on the road ahead?

While most of us strive to produce effective advertising, others are resorting to creating commercials that miss the opportunity to truly engage the intended audience.

Cutting the client’s cost in production can mean cutting the client’s ROI. *If You Get My Drift!

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